The real estate market is constantly in the headlines due to its relevance for almost every person in Israel, since everyone needs a house or office space to live and work in. Some buyers are interested in their first residential apartment and will therefore need a new mortgage to purchase their property, while others need a mortgage to purchase a property for investment.

The mortgage market has gone through and continues to go through many changes, depending on interest rate changes and changing housing prices. The mortgage volumes that are discussed today are not the same as the volumes that were customary a few years ago, therefore, when it comes to one of the most significant decisions in life, there is a need for experts in the field. Moreover, until a few years ago, many believed that the mortgage advice given by the banks served the interest of the buyers, and therefore the demand for mortgage advisers was little. Over the years, however, the public has realized that the bank has its own interests and that there is real need for the advice and assistance of leading professionals in the field to reduce costs. Today, the difference between taking a mortgage that includes escort and taking it without escort, may reach hundreds of thousands of shekels throughout the loan period.

Goldfinger Real Estate’s consultants will accompany you at any stage of the process – starting from the first inquiries and the coordination of expectations to receiving the long-awaited mortgage from the bank, under the best possible conditions, with close financial planning and building a mix tailored to you personally. The service is provided in cases of a new mortgage, a mortgage for an investment property and a turnover of an existing mortgage.
The first stage is the analysis stage, where we will ask to examine all your data, understand what the possible mortgage framework is and adjust expectations. In the second step, we will submit a request for approval in principle from the bank to understand what the conditions offered by the bank are. The third stage is the most significant one, in which interest rates are compared: We turn to different banks to achieve the optimal outcome and will fight for the best interest rates that can be obtained. The fourth and final step is receiving the actual mortgage. After we have obtained approval from the bank under optimal conditions, all documents will be signed and all that is left is to congratulate you on your way to the property.

Taking a mortgage is an important and big step, and you will need experts with appropriate experience and knowledge in the field, who will understand your need, know how to match the best loan for you and guarantee you peace of mind. Goldfinger Real Estate’s team of experts is here to accompany you in taking out the mortgage to purchase your property – and to make sure that you don’t spend unnecessary money on your mortgage along the way. Your profit is our common interest.