About Goldfinger Real Estate

Goldfinger Real Estate Group specializes in locating, initiating, improving real estate and mortgages.

The company has begun the operation in 2015 and successfully marketed various lands whose designation had changed.
The professionals in the company are highly knowledgeable experts in the field of planning investments and have an essential system of relationships with the leading bodies in the fields of real estate and financing in Israel and around the world.
The company aims to locate attractive opportunities for investment, which are considered the “next hot thing”, and strives to make its mark on every project in which it takes part.
The company’s capabilities are based on the extensive experience of its team, financial solidity, transparency to its customers and quality expressed in uncompromising standards.

Below is the breakdown of the company’s divisions:

Goldfinger Real Estate - agricultural land

Agricultural land is the main field of specialization of the group. We work to localize agricultural land in attractive areas all over the country. The localization of the land is done with the aim of identifying real estate projects in highly requested residential areas and starting the process of changing the land’s designation.
Every piece of land in the State of Israel has a purpose such as residence, green areas, commerce, public space and many more.
Due to the existing housing crisis in Israel, there is a constant race to change the designation of lands to turn them into residential and/or employment areas that allow construction.
The tremendous potential that exists in those lands can yield a very high profit for land investors already at the beginning of the journey.

Goldfinger Real Estate - lands after zoning changes

Another of our fields is investment in lands whose designation has already been changed but construction has not yet started.
These lands have a high potential for profit returns because they are very close to starting the construction process for residence and/or employment and yet, investing in these lands can only amount to a few hundred thousand shekels. An example for this is our Goldfinger Real Estate Blue Beach Project in Herzliya, a real estate investment in Herzliya, whose lands have already changed their purpose but still have high profit potential.

Goldfinger Real Estate - construction and entrepreneurship field

A third field the company is active in is construction and entrepreneurship.
Today, the company operates in the field of investment in offices. This field is considered profitable immediately from the first day of investment, due to receiving a return from rental income.
Moreover, this field provides a gradual increase in the value of the property through a low solid investment with a high horizon.